About Us

About Us


IB & TECH Wholesale supplier for the Ghana market. Stainless steel Dp Pumps, Reflex pressure tanks, Kottermann laboratory systems, and Hansa bathroom and kitchen fittings mixer, Wisa sanitary ware, also Mupro support technology & vibration control systems.

IB & TECH is a company which has acquired a broad experience in the European building material system industry since 1993.

With the acquired knowledge in the Netherlands we can advise and supply you sufficiently information for assembling building products.

These building products are offered by professionals with the knowledge from years of work experience in the European building industry.

IB & TECH is established by highly trained professionals in the field of construction for these building products.

THE IB & TECH is also the main supplier for West-Africa, with its base in Accra - Ghana.
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