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Horizontal DP Pumps for a complete water solutions for home, villa & garden

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Real Estate Building, Luxury Villa, Dream Houses.

Independent of size, luxury level or location, all villas need a reliable and energy efficient system for the supply
and discharge of water. This page contains all the required pumps to design complete, high quality water systems.
Explore the possibilities and select the right combination of products for your project. We can assure you that
every solution will meet your standards.

Choose our DPHM horizontal pump systems for durable water transport to the rooftop tank and water distribution to all the rooms in the mansion.

Prefer and energy and cost saving solution? Replace the rooftop system for a more economical, low-pressure version and install a Home-Unit Pro Plus to create additonal pressure for rain showers or demanding utilities at the top floors.

Home-Unit Pro and DPHM Horizontal pump

This system is the latest development on pressure boosting and allows you
to supply the complete villa with water, using only one booster system in the basement.

Its design is compact and innovative on the outside, but its inside features also generate high energy savings. As an additional value the system can be mounted on the wall to save space.

Hydro-Unit Cube and rooftop system

The horizontal pump series are the perfect solution to supply extra water pressure to irrigation systems and fountains in gardens. Even when operating under the hardest conditions, you can rely on an optimal pump performance.

Its availability in various materials, a wide selection of capacities and dimensions make the pump series a perfect match for water applications of any kind.

Horizontal Pumps series

The compact DHC circulator series guarantee to do their job silently and reliably. Thanks to the intelligent “one button”-control the pumps circulate hot and cold water to heating systems, air conditioning and hot
water applications with the highest efficiency. Making your home a comfortable place to live in every season of the year.

Our durable waste water pumps and systems guarantee 24 hour collection
and discharge of waste water from indoor and outdoor utilities, like kitchens, bathrooms and car wash drains. The different series of submersible pumps are available in a large variety of materials and capacities making them suitable for daily sewage discharge and rainwater drainage.

DHC circulator series and waste water pumps

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DP Pumps Horizontal Pumps Multi-stage centrifugal DP Pumps Horizontal Pumps
home villa & garden complete water solutions Technical data 50/60Hz
Type series: DPHMC 2-4-6  Design version B Type series: DPHMC 2-4-6 Design version B 
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