Glico Insurance company
Ghana Accra

WISA all-in-one. One package.

It is not only the modern design of the WISA all-in-one wall hung toilets why itís been chosen for building the head office of Glico Insurance Company in Ghana-Accra, but it is also the† complete one package for a installation of the wall hung toilets.

Intercontinental Aqaba Hotel
DP Pumps

Because of the health of the hotel quests,
is it therefore important to have clean and
clear water transported in the hotel.
Thatís why this hotel is provided with the
hydro units stainless steel DP PUMPS

Al Salam International Hospital
DP Pumps

The Al Salam International Hospital in Kuwait is a pioneer in health care for the region and is regarded as a benchmark in the health care industry.
In order to perform professional and well in the health care in this hospital is the making of use of the most high-quality and necessary products. The stainless steel DP Pumps is installed to transport and ram up clean and drinking water through the pipe systems of this hospital.

Burj khalifa
Dubai United Arab Emirates
Reflex Expansion vessels

The Burj Khalifah spectacular building is in Dubai with offices, hotels, and residential is a skyscraper with 162 floors and is from March 2008 the tallest building in the world. This skyscraper is built with modern high-quality building materials. For stepping up and dealing with the pressure for the transmission lines of clean water (hot and cold) is in this skyscraper the Reflex ex-pansion vessels installed. The Reflex expansion vessels ensure that that the pressure of the water supply line of the 828 meter building is optimal.

Asian beach games villas
Reflex Variomat

The Asian beach games villaís in Oman is a very luxury complex of residential apartments, hotels, recreation, sports and entertainment venues on the beach. In all apartments and sport complexes is the use of cold and hot water. This is transported through large central pipelines to all buildings. The Reflex Variomat is mounted to maintain the pressure in the pipelines.

The Hague Nederland†
Wisa sanitary

The prinsenhof in The Hague is a complex of buildings with 8-towers next to each other which includes the world trade centre, offices and a 4-starhotel with 205 rooms and 207 luxury homes. This makes the prinsenhof the most important business centre in the region. When building the prinsenhof towers is making use of the most climate neutral products that is equipped with the most modern energy and efficient water saving systems. In these towers are sanitary and hygiene very important. That is why the Wisa sanitary built-in dual flush recessed toilet is installed.† This to keep the toilet area clean and also for a better view.†††

Radison Blu Hotel
Germany Frankfurt
Wisa sanitary

Take for example the Radison Blu Hotel in Frankfurt, the home town of ISH.
Besides the appearance of the beautifully designed control panels, the
reliability of the sanitary systems in hotels is top priority.
Thatís why people choose WISA.

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