Reflex Winkelmann GmbH Catalogue's and Technical Data's

Heating, cooling and hot water supply systems – the demands on supply equipment are varied and complex. You’ll be welladvised for every eventuality with our coordinated product ranges. Reflex systems consists of a pressure & expansion vessel including a servitec degassing system, ex-separator, fill control water make-up systems & water treatment technology, solar boiler storatherm storage tank and a long-term heat exchanger.

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From the initial idea to the solution Thinking solutions ISH Innovations  
Systematic design concepts Ultimate performance in technology    
and service: with Reflex Reflex Winkelmann GmbH    
Diaphragm Expansion Vessels Pressurization Systems Water Make-Up Systems &  
Reflex Refix Reflexomat-Variomat Water Treatment  
    Reflex Fillcontrol-Fillset-Fillsoft  
Deaeration Systems & Hot Water Storage Tanks &    
Separation Technology Heat Exchangers    
Reflex Servitec Ex-separators Reflex Storatherm Longtherm    
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