WISA sanitary ware

IB & TECH INDUSTRIAL BUILDING SYSTEMS Wholesale supplier in Ghana Wisa sanitary ware.

Wisa sanitary ware is a complete range of flushing systems with wellness and water saving technological systems. The Wisa sanitary ware consist of a flushing systems and accessories, ceramics, toilet seats and a wellness range, Concealed cisterns built-in wall hung wc frame, Water closet, Shower trays, Control panels for concealed cisterns,  Baths, Exploded views and spare parts, Exposed cisterns, Water Saving Technology, Toilet, Seats, Bidet mixer, WC connectors. For all necessary information including documentations and technical data’s about the Wisa sanitary ware, are here several catalogues of all the Wisa sanitary products available.

For the documentation select and click on one of the pictures below to download the cataogue

WISA Electronic control panels WISA VarioTronic    
Hygienic non-touch flushing technology Electronically height-adjustable    
WISA World of Water brochure  WISA all-in-one. One package WISA Product catalogue 2013  
WISA Control panels for concealed cisterns WISA XS variant frames WISA XT toilet systems  
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